How To Buy Mobile Phone Airtime Recharge Credit in Nigeria Using Bitcoin

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Buy Mobile Phone airtime Recharge

One of the most interesting things about money is being able to use it to satisfy personal needs through buying and selling of goods. Bitcoin like most conventional currencies satisfies this function and as a digital currency, it is best suited for online transactions where lower fees and speedy service is promoted.

Buy Mobile Phone airtime Recharge

Buying Mobile Airtime Recharge Credits using Bitcoin

In this article, Coinhub takes a look at how to buy mobile airtime recharge credit using bitcoin. Several businesses are springing up around the world offering services with bitcoin as the transaction currency. Some Mobile phone recharge airtime retailers have leveraged on this new money – bitcoin to enable easier, less expensive access to top up mobile phones over a wider reach.

So far, I assume that by reading this, you already know bitcoin as the money of the future. However if you are in doubt of the massive future potentials of bitcoin, I suggest you read this first- Bitcoin – The New Money

You can also check the Accessing Bitcoin today page and How to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria if you are new to cryptocurrency or have trouble accessing Bitcoin.

Topping up your prepaid mobile airtime can be a hassle especially when on the go with limited access to physical cash and/or retailers. However as a Bitcoin user you can recharge your mobile phone easily at no additional fees directly through your bitcoin wallet. In case you don’t own a Bitcoin wallet, Get one here.


Recharging your prepaid mobile phone airtime using bitcoin is a very simple and straight forward process once you identify a reputable online merchant. Mostly all you have to do is enter a phone number, select your network operator (MTN, Etisalat, GLO, Airtel) and then transfer the equivalent amount in bitcoin.

Buy Mobile Phone airtime Recharge

I have articulated a couple of merchant that are tested and trusted with support for the four major networks in Nigeria (MTN, Etisalat, GLO, Airtel).

All you have to do is select the merchant that suits your budget. However I recommend Bitrefill because they offer the best rates and I have used them for a long time without any issues. I have done a step by step guide on how to recharge your phone with bitcoin using Bitrefill here.

Below is a list of online mobile airtime retail merchants accepting bitcoin. These online retailers offer a global service and are available from any part of the world once you can access the internet.


Remember for you to buy recharge airtime online using bitcoin, you must have your bitcoin wallet funded.

Click here to find out how you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria

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Author: elprinz

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  1. It is really an informative piece. I know about bitrefill but the article has exposed me to other merchants I could use to purchase airtime.

    Keep up the good job elprinz.

  2. OK, I’ve tested all four. My conclusion:
    1. BTCrecharge – best in speed and price, no account needed
    2.Piiko – easy to use
    3.Bitrefill – good prices
    4.BitMoby – odd values

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