MATRIX AI Network – The Fusion of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • Scheduled Token Sale Starts 16th, January 2018 – 15th, February 2018
  • Safer, Faster and More Flexible Intelligent Blockchain
  • Leverages the latest AI techniques to revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape.

Matrix AI Network
In this series of top ICOs for 2018, will be reviewing the all interesting and revolutionary fusion of AI technology and Blockchain powered by MATRIX. Billed to provide safer, faster and more flexible intelligent Blockchain, the MATRIX AI Network will leverage on the latest AI techniques to improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What is the MATRIX AI Network

Sometime last year, I had some interesting discussion with my friends about how a merger between AI and Blockchain could change the face of cryptocurrency by solving the very obvious challenges facing it today. These problems include but not limited to scalability, security as well as ease of access. That discussion may as well come to live by what MATRIX AI Network promises.

“MATRIX is basically an AI-enabled autonomous and self-optimizing Blockchain networks, which features multi-chain collaboration and decoupling of data and control blocks” According to the CEO of MATRIX AI Network, Owen Tao.

What this means is that MATRIX would be an intelligent Blockchain that will be capable of delivering;

  • Easier access by allowing anybody to design smart contracts without explicitly programming (think about how easy live became with Microsoft Office tools)
  • Faster deployment of applications and transactions thereby eliminating silos currently crippling previous Blockchain networks.
  • A Safer and more robust Blockchain networks that is immune to malicious attacks
  • More Intelligent network that Integrate public and private chains with the capability of adaptive optimization.

MATRIX therefore leverages the power of AI to build a robust Blockchain so as to maintain the safety of digital assets under malicious attacks. Removes transaction silos currently witnessed in Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions by delivering a throughput of 1M transaction/sec. Current transaction speed stands at about 1000 transactions/sec.

Why You Should Invest in The MATRIX AI Project

Designed and developed by seasoned team of AI and Blockchain experts with great experience in this niche ecosystem, the MATRIX AI Network project promises to be a trailblazer for the future of cryptocurrency. A quick glance at their Technical Whitepaper and Business Whitepaper will convince even the uninitiated about the massive opportunity this project offers.

MATRIX roadmap also gives major insights of focused the project is and the tremendous upside. See breakdown of road map below;

September 2016 – Project Inception

January – May 2017 – Successful sculpturing of Blockchain design

Sep 2017 – First edition AI testing

Q1 2018 – MATRIX Initial coin offering

Q2 2018 – MATRIX Initialization

Q3 2018 – Light Speed Network Launches

Q4 2018 – AI-secured Intelligent Contracts

Q4 2019 – Mining & More Apps

MATRIX Token Sale (ICO)

The MATRIX Token Pre-ICO budget of 18,000,000 MAN sold out in less than 3 days. This further consolidates how interesting this project is and the opportunity it avails.

The Official Public ICO starts on 16th January, 2018 at UTC 06.00. To participate in the ICO, you will have to get registered on the official ICO page. Further details are highlighted below;

Who can Participate – Everyone (Registered)

Estimated Token sale Duration – January 16th 2018

Maximum Token for Sale – 130 million (18 million sold in pre-ICO)

Accepted currencies       – ETHER and Bitcoin

Sale Strategy – First come First Serve Approach

KYC Required – YES

Lock up Period – None

Compliant  Wallets – MEW, Non-exchange Wallets for Bitcoin

For more information on the ICO and Token sale please refer to the MATRIX ICO page and join the community on Telegram


Author: elprinz

I have been in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem for about three years. My passion for this niche of financial tech space inspires me to share with you all I can in the world of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and financial technology.

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